About Myself


Some things about me.

*I was born in Monterrey, Mexico, immigrated to the U.S. when I was 6 years old, and became an American citizen when I turned 18.

*I began reading the World Book Encyclopedia in the 2nd grade and finished sometime around the 5th.🤓

*Yeah, I’m an uber-nerd.🤓

*I love all things science (biology, physics, astronomy, paleontology), history, and especially paleoanthropology.🦍

*I attended Adrian College on a fast track towards an M. D. degree at U of M but dropped out after the 1st semester because I just didn’t have the right mindset for being a physician (read below).😜

*Lived in Arlington, Texas for 3 years. Worst period in my life. learned a lot about life, though.

*I attended Eastern Michigan University to become a secondary education teacher majoring in Biology, double minoring in Chemistry and English. I didn’t finish but I learned a lot about a lot. 🤓

*Married the first time and have 3 wonderful children who all grew up to become wonderful adults. ♥️

*Married the second time to my love, soulmate, and inspiration, who has a wonderful imagination. She’s the only one I know who has put up with my insane mind.♥️😍

*I love all things in the science fiction genre, in film, books, and television.👨‍🚀🖖🚀🛸👽🤖

*I love writing and have a work in process, ‘The Worm in the Machine’, a cyberpunk novel I hope to finish by the end of this year. 💻

*I have Asperger’s ASD and after many years of fighting, I have come to terms with it and accepted my “gift”. 🧩

*I truly believe that one should look at this quirky existence we call life and find wonder and humor in it.😁

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