Dumb Kids? How About Ignorant Boomers.


Brad Upton is a typical Boomer and a so-called “comedian”. I’m 56 years-old and I have more respect for our younger generation than this ignorant, self-indulgent, moron. Everything he mentioned originated through the efforts of the lazy, angst driven, paranoid, litigation seeking, sociopathic, hypocritical Boomers, parents of the Millenials. And in typical Boomer fashion, blame others for your own faults. Boomers are driving this word towards its destruction as Xers and Millennials try their best to clean up their mess. And don’t get me started on “Entitlements”. During the 60’s and 70’s Boomers were the force that created all the government programs. they  “Dumb and soft?” you Boomers were the morons that created the reasons for all those warnings on labels from “Do not use the blow dryer in the shower” to “This coffee is Hot”. Consumer Protection Agency, theirs. EPA, theirs. OSHA, theirs. Now they demand that they to be dismantled because it’s wasteful. Ah, all except social security which Xers and Millennials are now forced to support. So please stop making fun of what you have little understood of (another Boomer characteristic) and fix your mess! Wait! That’s what you have us for!

Oh, and one last thing. Let me give you a perfect example of Boomer Idiocy. My daughter took her grandma to Cedar Point and the following conversation took place which she shared on social media.

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Enough said.

-A. M. Holmes