“How do you create a book or characters that people will love?”

“How do you create a book or characters that people will love?”

Past, Present, and Future

The future is the undetermined existence, space/time in a flux. The present is the coelising of the future into a fix point becoming the now. The past is those fixed elements existing as would a string within a tapestry. To pick the future is to fix it and so make it the present. To chooseContinue reading “Past, Present, and Future”

Challenge Accepted!

Challenge accepted. I’ll go down the line of what I love about the Democratic platform (and what the party, Biden, and Harris have committed to) and then any of you Trumpsters can present the Republican’s version (betcha most of you don’t even know). And just like the meme says, INSTEAD OF BASHING DEMOCRATS, WHAT DOContinue reading “Challenge Accepted!”

Trump and Pence Want 4 More Years. Let’s Think About This.

Let’s seriously think about this. Trump and Pence are running on the platform that Biden and Harris are going to make it worst for America and that they deserve 4 more years. And yet, * We have 180,000 plus dead from the coronavirus pandemic (of which they talked of in the past tense at theContinue reading “Trump and Pence Want 4 More Years. Let’s Think About This.”

Transparency in Science

I have heard a lot on social media lately about how “scientific researchers are concealing information from the general public” that the scientific community are “colluding to inflate the number of those infected with the coronavirus to embarrass the president”, or that they are just lying about the results. These people say that there isContinue reading “Transparency in Science”

Just A Few Things About Me

This started out as a prompt on another platform (IG) that got a little out of hand and I liked it so much I decided to use it as my “About Me”. I’m posting as a blog as well because, okay, it’s the Fourth of July, hot, and lazy. I’m also trying to get backContinue reading “Just A Few Things About Me”

Do You Know What White Privilege Means?

[Before I changed my surname to Holmes I was Gonzalez. I immigrated to the U.S. in 1969 when I was 6 years-old. -A. M. Holmes] If you’ve never felt like crying when you were a child because you didn’t look or act like the other kids and they made fun of you, then you don’tContinue reading “Do You Know What White Privilege Means?”

What You Should Remember On November 3rd, 2020

When November 3rd comes around I want you to remember the last 4 years.

Why I Want To Become a Writer.

Sounds like a silly thing an adult to write about. You would imagine that this sort of a subject belongs in some sixth grade English class. But after reading some of the comments in writing groups on social media I find a lot of people don’t have a clue why they want to write. SomeContinue reading “Why I Want To Become a Writer.”

The 4 Categories of Star Wars Fans

I love all sci-fi from books to movies to tv series so there are times like these where I can step back and watch what makes a “true fan” of a particular franchise. As an observer, I find that ‘Star Wars’ fans fall into 4 categories that have a similarity to religious divisions. They areContinue reading “The 4 Categories of Star Wars Fans”