Why Am I Here


Who am I and why am I here?  For what purpose has my Creator made me? Am I a phantom presence to the events around me, lacking substance and presence? Or am I flesh to do as I please, to seek and to influence? If neither, then who am I?  What do I know that will help me answer this?

I know that I am lesser than an angel, yet not so fallen to be a devil.

I know that I am the son of Humanity, with all its strengths and weakness.

I know I was born cold, blind, helpless into a harsh world, yet I live.

I know the pain and scars of youth, to expose it as an adult as trophies.

I know disappointment, I know loss, I know fear, I know doubt, I know hate.

I also know hope.

I know that I a father, and not only to my children.

I know that I am a friend, to all who accepts me as one.

I know that I a lover, and more than in an intimate way for love is boundless.

I know that I am wise, at least enough to realize how much of a fool I can be.

I know I have strength, for I will not give in to defeat.

I know I have faith in who I am, and in knowing who I am-

I am.