Made the Top 5 in Author’s Hand Writing Competition!

So, my wife (she uses Eme’ Savage as her nom-de-plume) and I made the top 5 finalists in The Author’s Hand speculative fiction contest. Click the link to read ours and the other 3 finalists.


When does childhood end? For these boys, it happened one day too tragically quick. We walked across on the I-94 overpass to get to the woodlands on the other side of the highway that’s been our hang out through the summer. There among the maples, oaks, and hawthorns, within the tall prairie grasses and goldenrods,Continue reading “Eugene”

“I Want Money…”

Carmen de la Rosa Sanger Peters Anapopolis Rahim Martin Johnson Ross so-on-and-so-forth, etcetera, etcetera Weinstein had finally laid to rest poor, dear Leonard Weinstein, the former and now late CEO of the financial services of Weinstein, Sheckelman (husband number 9) and Johnson (number 6) in Greenwood and was on her way to the law officesContinue reading ““I Want Money…””

In the Dark of the Matinee

via Daily Prompt: Disrupt Roy woke up blearily around noon. At least it’s in my own bed, he thought to himself with some relief. There have been mornings after a long night when he would wake up in an unfamiliar in a house/apartment/hotel room with some chick he had hooked up with the night before.Continue reading “In the Dark of the Matinee”

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…”

Author note: Some beginnings just start badly. “It was a dark and stormy night…”, so began Niles Steinberger’s latest literary effort making it the fifty-eighth time he produced a piece to submit for publication that would most likely end up becoming his fifty-eighth rejection. This, along with the one hundred and sixteen short stories heContinue reading ““It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…””