Agricultural Land versus Regional World Population

Recently in my wanderings through “Reddit-land” I came across a world map that divided the world’s population into four equally numbered regions. This recalled another world map, one of a different kind, showing all the agricultural land is located geographically. Superimposing the two I was startled by the differing distributions and what it implies. MostContinue reading “Agricultural Land versus Regional World Population”

Natural Selection versus Genetic Drift in Single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs

Research published from The University of Queensland indicates that natural selection plays a greater role than genetic drift in SNPs dealing with height, waist-to-hip ratio, BMI, and schizophrenia among European, African, and Asian populations (Does evolution make us or are we just drifting that way?). Led by Professor Jian Yang from UQ’s Institute for MolecularContinue reading “Natural Selection versus Genetic Drift in Single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs”