Battles Are Not Won By Skirmishes and Wars Are Not Won Without Wins!

As President Trump continues to lie, manipulate, and bully his populistic policies his nationalist followers continue to mistaken it for effectiveness and ignore the folly of it. In the meanwhile, our country continues on its chaotic course creating trade wars with stronger economies than our own and alienating allies. To stop Trump the majority thatContinue reading “Battles Are Not Won By Skirmishes and Wars Are Not Won Without Wins!”

Dumb Kids? How About Ignorant Boomers.

Brad Upton is a typical Boomer and a so-called “comedian”. I’m 56 years-old and I have more respect for our younger generation than this ignorant, self-indulgent, moron. Everything he mentioned originated through the efforts of the lazy, angst driven, paranoid, litigation seeking, sociopathic, hypocritical Boomers, parents of the Millenials. And in typical Boomer fashion, blame othersContinue reading “Dumb Kids? How About Ignorant Boomers.”