Agricultural Land versus Regional World Population

Recently in my wanderings through “Reddit-land” I came across a world map that divided the world’s population into four equally numbered regions. This recalled another world map, one of a different kind, showing all the agricultural land is located geographically. Superimposing the two I was startled by the differing distributions and what it implies. MostContinue reading “Agricultural Land versus Regional World Population”

“Populism” is the New “Nationalism”

  The New York Times op-ed says, “If freedom is to prevail over the many challenges to it, American leadership is urgently required.” Unfortunately, the U.S. has leadership but not in the form it needs to preserve freedom. In the U.S. “Populism” has become just another word for “Nationalism”. “America Great Again”, “America First” theseContinue reading ““Populism” is the New “Nationalism””