“How do you create a book or characters that people will love?”

“How do you create a book or characters that people will love?”

Past, Present, and Future

The future is the undetermined existence, space/time in a flux. The present is the coelising of the future into a fix point becoming the now. The past is those fixed elements existing as would a string within a tapestry. To pick the future is to fix it and so make it the present. To chooseContinue reading “Past, Present, and Future”

Just A Few Things About Me

This started out as a prompt on another platform (IG) that got a little out of hand and I liked it so much I decided to use it as my “About Me”. I’m posting as a blog as well because, okay, it’s the Fourth of July, hot, and lazy. I’m also trying to get backContinue reading “Just A Few Things About Me”

Why I Want To Become a Writer.

Sounds like a silly thing an adult to write about. You would imagine that this sort of a subject belongs in some sixth grade English class. But after reading some of the comments in writing groups on social media I find a lot of people don’t have a clue why they want to write. SomeContinue reading “Why I Want To Become a Writer.”

The 4 Categories of Star Wars Fans

I love all sci-fi from books to movies to tv series so there are times like these where I can step back and watch what makes a “true fan” of a particular franchise. As an observer, I find that ‘Star Wars’ fans fall into 4 categories that have a similarity to religious divisions. They areContinue reading “The 4 Categories of Star Wars Fans”

Made the Top 5 in Author’s Hand Writing Competition!

So, my wife (she uses Eme’ Savage as her nom-de-plume) and I made the top 5 finalists in The Author’s Hand speculative fiction contest. Click the link to read ours and the other 3 finalists. http://authorshand.com/finalists

Star Trek: Discovery First Episode, ‘Brother’

Who needs movies when Disco with its special effects and script are going to be this good! Glad to see more of the bridge crew and development of Saru and Tilly. After the seriousness of the 1st season, it’s good to see some lightheartedness (“cry like a baby tribble in a kill zone” 🤣 ). Anson MountContinue reading “Star Trek: Discovery First Episode, ‘Brother’”


 (Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and The CW)   Tonight on the CW at 8 pm/ 7pm central is the crossover episode I’ve been waiting for since I first there was the possibility it could happen. ‘Scoobynatural’! Yep, that’s right folks. The venerated cartoon classic from the 70’s will be coupled together with the series ‘Supernatural’ in someContinue reading “Scoobynatural!”

‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’ X-Files Season 11, Episode 4 Review

I love the X-Files. I have been a fan of Chris Carter’s show since it first introduced us to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back in the 90’s. So, when Carter decided to do a limited run I was more than enthusiastic about it. Now we’re into the second season of this limited run andContinue reading “‘The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat’ X-Files Season 11, Episode 4 Review”

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…”

Author note: Some beginnings just start badly. “It was a dark and stormy night…”, so began Niles Steinberger’s latest literary effort making it the fifty-eighth time he produced a piece to submit for publication that would most likely end up becoming his fifty-eighth rejection. This, along with the one hundred and sixteen short stories heContinue reading ““It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…””