‘Roseanne’ Cancellation by ABC

ABC canceled the popular ‘Roseanne’ reboot because of the furor caused by the malicious and controversial tweets posted on Twitter by Roseanne Barr and they have rightly done so. I will not dignify the remarks by repeating them here though, by now, we have all read them and know them for the racist comments thatContinue reading “‘Roseanne’ Cancellation by ABC”

Understanding Men

  Author’s Note: With the Women’s March, the #MeToo, and #TimesUpNow movements taking center stage I think it’s time we look at what really has inspired them, Men. Some of you women may have been wondering what the hell is wrong with these men? Is it all about power and control? Is it that theyContinue reading “Understanding Men”

“Smug feeling …from the rich and famous”, The Golden Globe Awards 2018

  A local reporter tweeted, “Here we go again. A group of rich and famous “stars” celebrating each other’s careers while pretending to laugh at jokes that are falling about as flat as the champagne sitting on the tables draped with white table clothes. Privileged? Yep. Relevant? Funny? Dare is say, no.” (https://twitter.com/rooprajfox2). In aContinue reading ““Smug feeling …from the rich and famous”, The Golden Globe Awards 2018”