“Populism” is the New “Nationalism”

  The New York Times op-ed says, “If freedom is to prevail over the many challenges to it, American leadership is urgently required.” Unfortunately, the U.S. has leadership but not in the form it needs to preserve freedom. In the U.S. “Populism” has become just another word for “Nationalism”. “America Great Again”, “America First” theseContinue reading ““Populism” is the New “Nationalism””


In a Twitter posting the evening of March 21st, President Trump said, Here’s my reply. Since the Russians help you win the Elections2016, I can see why you think this. But, to say you are “smarter”, more “energetic”, or charismatic than the previous POTUS not illustrates your ignorance of history and politics but you naiveteContinue reading ““PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!””

Post #SOTU Commentary

#POTUSTrump‘s #StateOfTheUnion speech was more of symbolic testaments than of real substance. Other than the brief mention of rebuilding our infrastructure and his #DACADeal most of the speech was about what others, his invited guest in the chamber, had done and empty words of rhetoric. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the speech hadContinue reading “Post #SOTU Commentary”

On the Eve of President Trump’s State of the Union Address

The wife is out doing the thing that she does to uplift and benefit the community, she is seamstress and customer for a local junior high school theater production company, leaving me to my own device. So, enjoying a couple of hours of solitary bliss I do as most in this modern age do and surfContinue reading “On the Eve of President Trump’s State of the Union Address”

“Smug feeling …from the rich and famous”, The Golden Globe Awards 2018

  A local reporter tweeted, “Here we go again. A group of rich and famous “stars” celebrating each other’s careers while pretending to laugh at jokes that are falling about as flat as the champagne sitting on the tables draped with white table clothes. Privileged? Yep. Relevant? Funny? Dare is say, no.” (https://twitter.com/rooprajfox2). In aContinue reading ““Smug feeling …from the rich and famous”, The Golden Globe Awards 2018”